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{April 7, 2010}   Fun Recipe for Everyone

Okay I love to cook and do all kinds of things so I’m starting this blog with a recipe I came up with to make my friends and my kids happy all at once.


One package of chicken (no bones)

One Jar of Alfredo sauce

One package of three individual pizza crusts or one large crust

Two packs of any cheese you like grated or block


First prepare the chicken (remove the skin if you did not buy skinless) by cutting it into bite sized pieces and placing them in a heated pan.

Sprinkle chicken with LemonPepper (I don’t include the amount since for some people they may need more or less depending on their diet/taste)

Cook the chicken until it has lightly browned and turn off the heat.

Next Preheat your oven for 350 degrees.

Remove your pizza crust(s) from the packaging and take some olive oil or butter or anything you like to baste with and lightly baste the crust.

You’ll want to open your jar of sauce and put enough to very thinly cover the crust up up to about a fingertip from the edge.

Next place the browned chicken on the sauce spread out so that it’s not clumped in a pile.

At this point you’ll add more sauce the amount is up to you since some people like a lot of sauce and some only want a taste.

If you have kids this is the part where they will have fun because it’s time to add the cheese. (I like to use sharp cheddar and provolone then top with parmesan but you should choose your favorite it’s nearly impossible to go wrong here)

Once your done topping your pizza(s) place in the oven (or roaster oven lol since for me at least it puts out less heat in the summer)

I start by setting my timer for 10 minsĀ  and checking back every 5 mins after that.

Your looking for the cheese to be melty and a slight bubbling or steaming from the toppings.

Now it’s time to take it out of the oven/roaster and cut.

I hope you like My LemonPepper Alfredo Chicken Pizza!

*The ingredients I use are as follows:

One package boneless skinless chicken breast

LemonPepper Seasoning (Lawrys)

One jar of Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce (Bertolli)

One 3 pack of individual pizza crusts

One package pre-grated Sharp Cheddar

One package pre-grated provolone

One Package pre-grated parmesan


{April 6, 2010}   Crafty things that are Good

I know a lady who loves crafts and she makes some “interesting” things especially if you like jewelry, zomibes, ninjas, or sometimes just ultra kawaii things. If your in the mood to browse I suggest stopping by and taking a look atĀ I’m not saying it’s for everyone and sometimes you might need to wait and check back to find something in your style but I guarantee she can make you something you like so if you don’t find something don’t hesitate to contact her and make a request.

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